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Page last up dated 6.2.19.

                  Yarn? wool? patterns? needles?

J.C. Bretts yarns      
Aran rustic colours 400 gram Ball £11.00
Aran plain colours 400 gram Ball £9.00
Aztec aran 100 gram ball £3.25
Baby Rainbow 100 gram ball £2.50
Baby Shimmer 100 gram ball £2.50
Baby Soft and Gentle 100 gram ball £3.20
Cotton on / Kool Kotton 50 gram ball   £2.15
Craft Cotton 100 gram ball £1.60
Chunky with Merino 100 gram ball £3.50
D K with Merino 100 gram ball £3.50
Fairground 100 gram ball £3.00
Faux Fur Scarf yarn 100 gram ball £5.50
Legacy 50 gram ball   £3.00
Magi Knit 100 gram ball £3.20
Marble Chunky 200 gram ball £6.00
Marble D K 100 gram ball £2.75
Merino Double Knitting 50 gram ball   £4.65
Misty Double knitting 100 gram ball £2.50
Northern Lights 150 gram ball £6.00
Party Time Chunky 100 gram ball £3.50
Top Value Double Knitting 100 gram ball £1.80
Top Value Tweed Double Knitting 100 gram ball £2.20
Twinkle Double Knitting 100 gram ball £3.00
Stonewash DK 100 gram ball £3.00
4 ply yarns 100 gram ball £2.50
Woodlander Double knitting 100 gram ball £3.50
Tranquil Chunky 100 gram ball £3.75
DMC Yarns      
Nutra Just cotton 50 gram ball   £3.85
Pettra Cotton for cabin lace 100 gram ball £5.50
Designer Yarns      
Ranco 4 ply 100 gram Skein £7.95
Botany Lace 4 ply 100 gram Skein £12.95
West Yorkshire Spinners      
Signature 4 ply 100 gram ball £7.25
Wensleydale gems DK 100 gram Skein £8.50
Aire Valley DK 100 gram ball £5.00
Opal 4 ply sock yarns 100 gram ball £8.00
Wooly Knits      
Classics Colour Splash Double knitting 50 gram ball   £2.35
Classics Double knitting (Solid colours) 50 gram ball   £2.00
Countryside Tweed Double knitting 100 gram ball £3.00
Lofty Chunky 100 gram ball £3.25
Prices effective from 10 October 2018 subject to change without notice
Phone no 07931 356204      
e-mail colinandcarolescreations@yahoo.co.uk web page www.thewoolboat.co.uk
Mail order enquires welcome    


    West Yorkshire Spinners "Wensleydale Gems"

       on offer at £24 for three skeins...these are the shades in stock at 6.2.19 


  WYS Wensleydale DK   100 gram skeins
Colour Shade no Name Dye no/ Run no
Grey 113 Moonstone 5122A
Royal blue 155 Cobalt 5207
Blue 225 Lapis Blue 5122A
Pale Blue 236 Amazonite 5061
Pink 253 Zircon 5122A
Light Blue 321 Aquamarine 5122A
Brown 342 Amber 5122A
Green 385 Jadeite 5061
Blue/Green 392 Turquoise 5207
Green / Yellow 487 Peridot 5207
Pink 513 Pink Quartz 5122A
Deep Pink 515 Tourmaline 5122A
Cerisa 537 Topaz 5061
Red 549 Red Jasper 5544
Maroon 578 Ruby 5207
Purple 776 Amethyst 5122A


          J C Brett's Aztec Aran yarn 12.18

We have extended the shades of J C Brett's Aztec Aran yarn we have available from the Wool Boat

We now have 6 shades from the range that Brett's offer and if you would like a particular shade we haven't got aboard we can always order it in for you.

The yarn is 90% acrylic and 10% Alpaca which makes it very soft to the feel.

The recommended needles are 5mm and there is 208 yards or 170 meters on a ball.

From left to right are shades no's AL5, AL6, AL14, AL18, AL19, AL20.

Price at 12.18 is £3.25 a ball.

Aztec aran yarn 12.18



 New ranges of yarn aboard, West Yorkshire Spinners "Fairy Lights" Christmas 4 ply, and J C Bretts Tranquil Chunky 

We have just taken on a new delivery of West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK yarn, in 3 shades of Cream, Navy and Denim. These are the main colours Carole offers for her bespoke Ganseys though of course are on sale at £5 per 100 gram ball.

Carole is starting a new project with some of it,

The project is to create a modern boatman's gansey.

The garment has been designed by Carole herself in the style of a fisherman's gansey, but based on the ganseys that were worn by some of the boat men of the inland waterways of the U K, the canals and inland rivers.

Traditionally these sorts of garments would have been knitted on a number of needles in the round to form a seamless gansey. Carole has designed hers for ease of knitting and is knitted as a four piece garment, front, back and two sleeves and then sewn together.

Carole keeps track of how the knitting is progressing by making notes in the A4 sized notebook.

The yarn for this garment is from West Yorkshire Spinners from their Aire valley or DK essentials range and is a blue shade called "Denim". Carole is anticipating using about 800 to 900 grams as the garment is quite a big one to fit a gentleman in Australia.

This yarn is 75% Wool and 25% Nylon.

Carole has selected two pairs of knitting needles or pins for this garment from the "Knit Pro" "Zing" range which are 35cm long and diameters or sizes 3.25mm and 4mm.

Materials for garment 311


                         We have now sold all the DY puelo DK yarn. 

Yarn news, Mrs Taylor from Macclesfield came and bought our last ball of Top Valve Tweed shade F10. Bretts have stopped producing this yarn now, but we still have stocks of the other 5 shades.


Top value tweed basket


Woodlander is no longer being produced

Woodlander box June 2017

We have been advised by J C Bretts that they ceased production of this yarn. At the moment we have reasonable stocks but won't be able to replace them, so if you want some now is the time to come and get it!

We have 16 shades of this wool and acrylic yarn, 80% Premium Acrylic / 20% Wool in stock.

Machine Washable

100 gram balls, 4 mm needles, 250m/275yds patterns designed for use with this yarn are in stock

£3.50 per 100 gram ball or £3.15 at Teds Mates rates.


At the moment we have a special offer on 3 shades of James C Bretts Magiknit double knitting weight yarn.

They are normally £3.20 a ball but are now £2.20.

This yarn is designed as a "Baby dk" but Carole has used it for other projects such as shawls etc.

Machine Washable 90% Acrylic 10% Nylon.

100 gram balls, 4 mm needles, 252 yards / 300m, knit to most D K patterns.

Magi kiit special offer

 What ever you need as a knitter we can supply, or will be able to tell you of some one who can.

     Our main range of yarn we carry is sourced from James C.Brett in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

    Why from there? firstly because this is the yarn that Carole and her team knit with, so she can tell you how it knits up, and show you garments that have been knitted, and their winding shed and warehouse stands very near the Leeds and Liverpool canal so when we are passing in Emma Maye we restock.

Our main stock comes from J.C. Bretts but as indicated below we also carry other makes of Yarn, and if we havn't got on board what you want we will either try and get it for you  or advise where you can get it from.

These are the price's as collected from "Emma Maye" and we can do mail order.

                                          Price, collected from "Emma Maye"

 Teds Mates rates apply to yarn collected from "Emma Maye" when you bring your teddy to meet out mascot, Brindley.

Please be aware that we carry as much stock as practically possible on a narrow boat we can not guarantee that all shades will be available at all times. If you are making a trip out for something specific please give us a ring on 07931 356204 to make sure it is in stock. 


Troon Tweed Yarn, only 8 balls left 10.11.16

As you may know this yarn has been long discontinued.

I'm afraid we only have 8 100grms balls left, of which 2 are Terracotta and rust which is mainly pink, and the remaining 6 are Charcoal and Grey Marl and we've never been able to find anything like it to replace it with.

The latest new range of yarn now available aboard the Wool Boat January 2017.

Party Time Chunky from J.C. Bretts

Party Time chunky

A chunky acrylic yarn in a wide range of vibrant colours, in 8 shades or colourways.

Knits to most Chunky patterns

100 gram balls 154 meters 167 yards per ball.

Needles 6mm

Tension 20 rows by 14 stitches will produce a 10cm by 10cm square.

Carole says, "This yarn is nice to knit with, I'm working on a sleeveless jacket so will report back once I've finished it"

£3.00 per 100gram ball.

Party Time chunky PT 1 kniited up

                      This is the work Carole has done with shade PT 1


      We've recently taken into stock a new shade of

James C brett Chunky Marble mc44

James C Brett marble chunky available for £6.00 plus postage...

                        and another New yarn range available now

"Fairground" yarn from J C Bretts

J C Bretts Fairground double knitting weight yarn available from The Wool Boat.

We now have all six different shades of this range of yarn in stock.

Carole has started to knit with this yarn and is producing her staple "trail" item of an adults scarf. Carole says, "It's a very nice and soft yarn, with the repeat of the colour being regular, and it's knitting up very well"

Machine Washable 100% Acrylic

100 gram balls, 4 mm needles, 252 yards / 232m patterns designed for use with this yarn are in stock and it will also knit to most D K patterns.

£3.00 per 100 gram ball or £2.70 at Teds Mates rates.



We have got some really nice new chunky aboard ideal for winter knits

Chunky basket Jan 2016

J C Bretts Marble chunky Basket



                                Natural Lancashire Aran Yarn

Lancashire Aran


Natural Lancashire Aran Yarn

We are delighted to at last have taken in too stock on The Wool Boat a pure aran weight wool that is produced from Lancashire sheep.

The yarn is from 100% wool sourced from sheep from North Country Cheviot and Blue faced Leicester sheep that are used as conservation graziers on the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the in the Arnside and Silverdale area of the county.

The yarn comes in 100 gram skeins and is unbleached, so only comes in the natural aran cream colour and retains some of the lanolin from the sheep, though there has been no extra oil added following spinning by The Natural Fibre co in Launceston in Cornwall.

The yarn production process from sourcing the wool to making up into skeins is done by Kate Schofield of Lucky Ewe Designs from Cheadle.

Kate has also designed a Morecambe Bay gansey for which we have patterns.

The yarn comes in 100 gram skeins, with 190 yards/173m of yarn per skein.

The recommended needles are 4.5 or 5mm.

 We've been over to Diggle to Wooly knits for more yarn and here is some of it

wooly knits yarn basket

Cw 1454 Wooly knits DK Classic Yarn Basket 28.8.15

The Wooly knits double knitting weight yarn on the Wool Boat on 28.8.15.

This yarn is produced in Britain and comes in two shade ranges.

The solid colours are called DK Classics and comes in 50 gram balls, priced at £4.00 per ball, and the variegated colours are in the DK Classics colour splash range, again in 50 gram balls and are priced at £4.75 per ball.


Carole has tried this yarn out, and reports it's really nice to knit with producing a pair of fingerless gloves from the Woodland shade, top right in the basket.

Wooly knits Fingerless gloves

The gloves are for sale for £10.

Wooly Knits are based in a old mill alongside the Huddersfeild narrow canal in Diggle and their own website is here, and we can order any of their range in for you if you would like.



                         Opal Sock yarn

Opal sock yarn

The Wool Boat has recently taken aboard more shade's of Opal sock yarn, and we now have about 20 shades available...

From left to right on the basket are

Colour Name Shade no

Grey/Blue Stadtgefluster 8845

Grey/Purple Blumenneer 8843

Purple/Yellow Zumsammenhalt / Best Friends 8861

Fawn/Blue Cilque / Best Friends 8867

Purple/Orange Verbundenheit / Best Friends 8863

Yellow / Orange Tanz der Farben / Gallery 8885

These yarns are made in Germany and a 4 ply weight and made

from 75% Wool and 25% Polyamide.

The balls weigh 100gram and there is 425m of yarn within the ball.

Recommended needles are 2.5mm and the tension of a 10 x 10 cm square of 36 st and 48 rows.

The yarn is priced at £8.75 a ball



Skein's of 100% Llama yarn from the Araucania collection of yarns from Designer Yarns. The range is called "Puelo" and is a double knitting weight yarn.

Each 100 gram skein has a length of 220m and the recommended needle size is 4mm, with a tension of 23 sts to 10cm

The skeins are priced at £9.95 each

Puelo yarn drawer

A basket of Woodlander and DK with Merino J C Bretts yarn

To the left is Woodlander yarn, which is a 80% Premium Acrylic and 20% Wool Mix, lovely and warm and soft.

Eight shades in stock, though more can be order if you like.

Each 100grm Ball contains 250m/275 yards and knits to Double knitting patterns on 4mm needles and the priced at £3.50 a ball.

To the right is

Double Knitting with Merino Yarn from J.C Bretts.

This merino blend yarn, 70% Acrylic, 20% Polyamide, and 10% Merino..

Each 100grm Ball contains 290m/317yrds and knits to double knitting patterns on 4mm needles and is priced at £3.50 a ball.

Woodlander and DK Merino basket

4th days yarn, for the Fibre Fest, a lovely soft acrylic

A basket of J C Bretts Top Value Tweed double knitting yarn.

Available in six shades.

96% Premium Acrylic 4% Viscose yarn.

In 100 grm balls

Length 290 m/217 yards

Needle Size 4mm

Tension 22sts+30 rows per 10cm/4inch

Price is £2.20 per ball

3rd days, Wednesday, offering

A basket of Cotton on and Kool Kotton J C Bretts yarn

These yarns are double knitting weight cotton based yarns.

Cotton on has replaced the Kool Kotton in Bretts range, though we still have limited supplies of the Kool Kotton left.

These yarns are ideal for crocheting being a mix of 50% Cotton/50% Acrylic and are priced at £2 for a 50 gram ball, with there being 145m/158 yards per ball.

Cotton on and Kool cotton basket

2nd one, Monday

Skein's of Designer Yarns "Ranco" luxury Merino blend 4 ply yarn in various shades. This yarn is 75% wool and 25% polyamide and is produced in Chile

Each 100grm skein contains 344m, and the recommended needles are 3.25mm, with the tension being 24sts to 10cm.

The skeins are priced at £7.95 each

Ranco Yarn Drawer

1st up..

A basket of various J C Bretts baby double knitting yarn.

Available in various shades and mixtures of yarn types, all based on acrylic's that make for easy washing care.

In The basket is yarn from the range's of "Magi Knit", "Baby Shimmer" "Soft and Gentle"

Price's range from £2.50 to £3.20 per 100grm ball.

Baby Yarn Basket


Not blowing our own trumpet, but......this was Tuesday 27th nov 2012

Can the smiley box people beat this then? about 11.15 this morning we got a phone call,
Customer "have you any black 4 ply wool?",
us "Yes we have"
Customer "ok I'll pick it up when you open on thursday"
Us "where are you?"
Customer "Burscough"
by 12.00 customer has 500grm of Yarn delivered to her door:-)
can't promise this every time, but it pays to ask.