We are now stocking some of Lazy Katies Hand Spun and Hand Dyed yarns.

Page updated 5.6.2014 


Hand spun and hand dyed yarns by Lazy Kate

We very pleased to now have on board some very special yarns.

These yarns Cathy has produced her self by hand spinning and then hand dying the yarn.

     New yarns on board, as of 4th June 2014.


Lazy Kates Astrantia Yarn



Skeins of Merino 4 ply yarn, "Astrantia". This yarn has been dyed in a range of pink colours by "Lazy Kate". it comes in skeins of 100grms and between 388 and 396 yards. Each Skein is £15.99

                Lazy Kates Tullulah Yarn


Skeins of hand dyed yarn by Lazy Kate, this one is called Tullulah. This yarn is double knitting weight merino, and comes in skeins of 100grms with approx 230 yards to a skein. Price is £15.99 a skein.


They range from a light 4 ply through double knitting to a chunky weight.

The following is what we have at present.

Lazy kates Yarn

The picture dosn't really do the yarns justice, you really need to come and see and feel them.

        Shade name,          Colour,         Ply,            Yardage,             Weight,         Price

       Honour                  Pink               4                 176                     55g                    £10.50

       Eliza                  Dark Green        DK              114                    78g                    £12.00

       Tamsin              Lillac                Chunky          40                    55g                    £10.00

        Tamsin              Lillac                Chunky          30                    43g                    £8.99

         Kizzie                Light Lillac       Chunky         34                    50g                    £10.00