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Welcome to Colin and Carole's Creations website, the online mooring of The Wool boat "Emma Maye" , based in Burscough on The Leeds and Liverpool canal. The unique floating shop for exclusive and commissioned hand knitted garments, photo art, wool, yarns and knitting supplies. 

Last up date 26th February 2017,  Opening today and 4th garment completed this year by Carole. Pictures from 6th Anniversary Knit and natter meal, and a major overall of "Colour by Carole"

Carole has a new project, a Temperature blanket for 2017. 

How much does it cost to own and use a narrow boat on the English and Welsh canals? see Capt Cols blog fro 31.12.16. 

Read Capt col's blog  up dated 15.1.17. Whitby day 4

PLEASE RING 07931 356204 to find out where we are, and when we are open. 

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    Boatmans Gansey        Photo Art         Exclusive Hand  Kniited Garments     Wool          Click on one of the images to take you to the page you are interested in.      Please note that because we are on the canal, and thus can't always be confident of a mobile phone connection we can't take card payments....cash or cheques are great

                 We are open Today, Sunday from 10-4..

          outside The Farmers Arms on New Lane near Burscough L40 8JA                          

Emma Maye outside the Farmers


Charity yarn sale day?

Hi all

Just wanted to run this past you all and see if you think it's worth doing?

We get quite a few customers who knit for charity and we appreciate that there is a limit to what people will pay for yarn to knit for this purpose.

What we would like to do is have a special one day sale on our standard acrylic double knitting yarn, J C Bretts top value. We have it in stock in a range of about 30 colours.

We normally sell it for £1.80 from a 100gram ball but for one day we are proposing to charge £1 a ball, thus making it more affordable for people who knit for charity whilst giving them a chance to work with a quality yarn.

We have about 500 balls in stock, so it would be a case of once it's gone it's gone, though of course you wouldn't have to prove you where knitting for charity, and of course no further discounts would apply.

We are thinking of doing the day on a Wednesday at Burscough wharf, where there are plenty of places to eat as well.

Comments please?


Carole has started a new project, a Temperature blanket  for 2017.

Starting to knit the temp blanket 


Esty Banner

Carole now has a Esty shop here

                                      and we've called it "Colour by Carole"

                         as at times we feel there isn't quite enough colour in the world.             

Don't worry if you do decide to purchase any of our lovely yarns it won't add to your stash….it's only a souvenir of a visit to the worlds only floating yarn and wool shop:-)

     Carole launched 2 new patterns at the 5th Burscough Fibre Festival and we'll get them into our shop later, the LL gansey is now there and at last so is the Chevron Baby blanket pattern.

  Carole launches two new patterns


Carole of Colin and Carole's Creations launched two new patterns at this year Burscough Fibre Festival on Sunday.

The first one is a new gansey pattern Carole has designed to celebrate the Leeds and Liverpool canal being 200 years old this year and is the "Leeds and Liverpool gansey".

This pattern is available in 3 adult sizes.

The second pattern is for a "Chevron baby blanket".

This pattern is used to knit a blanket approximately 18" x 24" and the suggested yarn is James C Bretts "Magi Knit" and the shades these examples are created from are available from us at £3.20 per 100 gram.

On the 17th of September 2016 a chap, Bryan Lomax asked if he could make a short

   video about Carole and us, and the results is a U tube video "The Knitter"


The Kniiter a short video featuring Carole


We have recently updated our Wool and Yarns Page to include "Teds Mates Rates

       Remember if you bring your teddy to meet our Brindley Bear

              you'll get Brindley's mate's rate's on your yarn bill.


   Have you thought about a  personal appointment?

           On a few occasions  we have arranged a "Personal Appointment".

We arrange a day and time for you to visit "Emma Maye" the worlds only floating yarn shop, and so you can have a relaxing hour picking out patterns and yarn's with assistance from Carole the knitter, and we'll even give you a brew.

Please feel free to ring us on 07931 356204, e-mail us, message us, what ever and we'll look forwards to welcoming you on board  

                                   Capt Col is now on Twitter   

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  The Burscough Fibre Festival's archive details here 

About six  years ago we started The Wool Boats knit and natter group in The Slipway, and since then there has been a meeting nearly every Thursday since, around the Burscough area, at the moment in The Farmers Arm's on New Lane. The meeting still goes on even if we're not there, so feel free to join them from 1pm.

    We are now members of The Roving Canal Traders Association as we rove the canals

Shop opening times and Cruising plan here.

   For service outside shop opening hours please feel free to ring us or e-mail us.  

  Carole is now providing knitting classes in a unique enviroment, on board Emma Maye, full details here

 Our main yarn supplier, J.C. Bretts have their own web site, here

 This details all the yarns they produce and whilst we carry good stocks of alot of their range what we havn't got in stock we can order in for you, and remember that we will not demand that you take all of the pack that our supplies are delivered in, if you just need one ball thats all you'll need to complete your projects.  

  If you would like to be put on our weekly text messaging service please let us know by texting us on our contact number.              

         As always if your making a special trip give us a bell to make sure where we are.

                                             07931 356204 

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  If you cant visit us this weekend, why not try searching on

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